Proving Ground Bags

Skinz Tunnel Bag for 2012 Arctic Cat Proclimb M800/M1100T


I really like this tunnel bag. As you know the 2012 Arctic Cat M series sleds have absolutely no storage space. We are cutting the seat up underneath to put spare belts in and on the M800 you can put a few items in the area where the battery resides on the 4 stroke. I have been looking for a bag that tucks up under the seat nicely, attaches securely, has good water resistance for the contents and flat looks good.

The Skinz bag attaches using 4 rivits. I chose to drill my rivits directly into the bumper rather than the tunnel, in case one pulls out or is damaged. This way I have not damaged the tunnel.

Make sure the tunnel area is dry and warm and put the bag down where it is going to be for good and attach the provided adhesive to secure the velcro fastners. Next, pull the straps down to correct angles and secure each of them with the provided rivits. It is about a 10 minute install and requires only a 3/16 drill bit and a good rivit gun.


Once installed I let it sit overnight so the velcro could dry on good and then took it for a rip!

I went testing this particular time up a pretty whooped out trail for some suspension setting so it was a good test for the bags security and it passed with flying colors. I put 2 Gatorades, 2 spare belts, and a small bag of tools inside the Skinz bag and had plenty of room.

After riding for 3 or 4 test sessions, none of the contents have gotten wet and the bag has stayed secure. The zippers have water resistant curtains like many jackets do and they do their job. The zipper fobs have been holding up great and open and shut with no issues.

The other nice side note is the quick disconnect couplers on the straps. If you want to take the bag off and go inside the hotel room or the trailer, it is a 30 second ordeal and off it comes.


At the end of the day.... This is a Proven Product.

Hits: Does the job it is advertised to do. Easy to install and works great! Keeps water out and goodies in. Has been durable as tested.

Misses: None so far.

Rating ****