Racin' Station is your motorsports headquarters. Whether you ride a snowmobile, an ATV, or a motorcycle, count on us for the best price and the friendly service you deserve. We also provide a full line of motor and suspension services. 

Porting and Cylinder Modification$269.00 each
Split and Match Cases$149.99
Crank Rebuilding$129.99 + parts
Head Modifications$149.00
4 Stroke Head Flow Port (per cylinder)$189.99
4 Stroke Valve Replacement$180.00 + parts
Bore Cylinder$65.00
Press in Sleeve$65.00
Revalve Shock$129.99
Revalve Forks$169.99
Rebuild Shock$89.00 + parts
Rebuild Forks$69.00 + parts
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Clutch balance and true (Primary or Secondary)
Porting and Cylinder Modification

$ 65.00 each
$250.00 each
Match Crankcase$80.00
Crank Rebuilding$129.00 per cylinder + parts
Head Modifications$99.00 per cylinder
Bore Cylinder$60.00 per cylinder
Balance, Blueprint, and Weld Crankshaft$179.99 twins
Revalve Shock$69.99 each
Rebuild Shock$55.00 each + parts

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Arctic Cat Diamond Drive Rebuilding

We have drives ready to go and can ship the same day we get your core!! 

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